Geologic Formations That You Should See In Nevada

There are quite a few individuals in the world, even in the United States, that simply believes that Nevada is a desolate wasteland. They do know that there are beautiful cities, such as Vegas that they can visit, but they believe that the landscape is just barren and void of beauty. That is actually in this interpretation of the landscapes throughout this state. There are very beautiful destinations that you can go. Some of them are for sightseeing, and others are designed for people that like to hike. Here are two of the best places to see phenomenal geologic formations courtesy of this so-called desolate state.

Calico Hills

This is actually on your way to the second destination that you need to see. It is a drive that will allow you to take in all of the natural beauty. One of the reasons that you should go here are the rolling landscapes of the hills, obviously made by ancient geologic movements, creating the beautiful mountainous scenery that you will see. Once you get through this, you will then be on your way to the next destination. This is probably the most popular of all of the natural places that you can visit while you are in the state.

Red Rock Canyon

There are a couple of reasons why this is a great place to stop. It has incredible geologic formations as well. However, what you are going to be able to do is go there early in the morning, allowing you to take advantage of a horseback ride with breakfast. There is also the tour that you can take with a guy that will tell you all about the geology of the area. Finally, there is the luxury tour tracker experience which is the least expensive of all of your options, but it is also going to take you to outstanding areas of this region.

Instead of going the typical route which is a quick trip to Las Vegas, followed by days of gambling, you should get out into the open areas of the state of Nevada which is going to impress you. Whether you only do Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, or if you also spend a little bit of time in the Calico Hills, you are certainly going to see a completely different side of the state, and you will feel compelled to return in the future.